Some Ways to Improve Your Home's Sell-ability.

1)  Maintain Neutrality - Customizing your home is great if you plan to stay there long term, but extreme colours and     themed rooms can scare off potential buyers. You may want to tone things down a bit by using neutral colours on the walls to help potentail buyers create their own vision for the home.

2) Less Is More - Having less furniture can help make the home appear more spacious ans also cal also provide clear walkways for the potential buyers.

3) That New House Smell - Keep an eye on any pet litter boxes, any smell that is too strong could send buyers out the door without ever haveing viewed the home.

4) Pay Attention to the Details - You can make small inexpensive changes to spruce things up i.e. replace cabinet hardware or replace outdated switches and wall outlet covers with more modern ones.

5) Maximize the "Curb Appeal" - The house front is the first thing prospective buyers see, so keeping it presentable is a must or they may have already formed an opinion (and not necessarily a good one) and they haven't even gotten iinside the front door.

6) Don't Get too Personal -  Get rid of excess clutter such as newspapers, magazines and mail. Put away any laundry & shoes. Put away any personal belongings suc as valuable, pictures.

7) Take Care of Rpairs - Save yourself some time and potential trouble by making any necessary repairs befor you list your home. The repairs will likely have to be made anyway, so it's better to get them out of the way.

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