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If you've been looking for real estate investments in the southern most portion of Saskatchewan, Canada, you'll find that Moose Jaw, SK will provide some excellent opportunities when it comes to real estate, Parks and Recreation, and a wonderful community in which to live. Here we'll discover more about this beautiful area that is located along the Trans-Canada Highway, as well as a bit more about the real estate opportunities available in this area, the community, and some excellent points of interest such as the beautiful mountain ranges and scenic low river valleys. This is an area that is located just to the east of Pelican Lake, and to the northeast of Old Wives Lake Bird Sanctuary, which makes this an excellent area for those that love taking advantage of the great outdoors.


* Real Estate

Moose Jaw, SK can be accessed by The Trans-Canada Highway, Highway 2, 363, and 735. This provides an excellent opportunity for those that like to live in an area that is less populated - such as the city of Regina, located just to the east. Founded in the late 1800s, this is a location that has a population of 35,629 as of the 2009 census. You'll find that this is an older community that prides itself on the historic value it provides to the entire area. When it comes to real estate opportunities, this is the location of choice. There're many individuals that choose this particular location for their relocation needs. When it comes to real estate opportunities, you'll find everything you need in this lovely area. Whether you're looking for a single or multifamily residence, land with acreage, or a riverfront property, you'll find all that you need in this area, and much more.

* Community

The community of Moose Jaw, SK is rich in culture and diversity. You'll find that there are a variety of different areas that a person can choose when it comes to living in this wonderful area. Whether you choose to live in Hyde Park, Pleasant view, Church Hill, or Regal Heights, you'll find that this area will have something for everyone. It's important to realize that you aren't limited to living in the city limits. If you would like, you can live in some of the surrounding areas such as Morningside, Crescent Heights, or Sunnyside. Either of these locations will provide you with a wonderful and friendly atmosphere which will make this particular area an ideal place for relocation.

* Parks & Recreation

If you love to take advantage of the great outdoors, you'll find that the Old Wives Lake Bird Sanctuary is located just to the southwest, which is only a short distance away. In addition, to the east along the Trans-Canada Highway you'll find Pelican Lake. If you like fishing, hiking, boating, or bird-watching, you can do all of this and much more at these locations. If this isn't enough, you can take advantage of the Buffalo Pond Provincial Park located just to the north. There you will have plenty of boating activities and water sports that you in the entire family can enjoy.

So, when it comes to one of the most sought after places in the southernmost portion of Saskatchewan, you will definitely enjoy considering Moose Jaw, SK as a prime location. In addition, you'll be able to take advantage of the real estate opportunities, enjoy all that the community has to offer, and take advantage of the outdoor activities provided by the parks and recreation located in the area.

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