For Sale By Owner???? Not in our Current Market!

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I know this subject has been beaten to death by every Real Estate Agent that ever existed, but in our current market here in Winnipeg, I felt it was worth mentioning again!

What Kind of Market Are We In?

Well, it's a balanced market moving into a buyers market!  What does that mean? Well homes are not flying off the market like they did 2 years ago!  Some homes are sitting for well over 30 days.

Are All Homes Selling for Above Asking Price?

No!  More and more homes are selling for asking or less than!


Buyers have choice, and now more than ever it's important that you market your property the right way!   Most people think that selling a house is as simple as putting a sign in the front yard, hosting an open house, and sitting back and waiting for offers to pour in.  THIS IS NOT HOW IT WORKS!  There are so many things done behind the scenes that the general public don't know about.  Realtors have been through extensive and continuing training, they are out in the market daily and are very aware of how it's working and where it's headed, we have systems in place to make sure everything gets done the right way, the LEGAL way!  Not to mention a Realtor can help to take the emotion out of selling!  

Would you fix your car yourself, or hire a trained mechanic?  Would you represent yourself in court, or hire a lawyer?  DIY can be fun for a lot of things, but when it comes to the biggest investment we make in our lives, don't you think hiring a professional is the right thing to do?  Even the founder of For Sale By Owner in the US hired a Realtor to sell his condo!


For more info, give me a call, I promise I don't bite!  I'm here to help!!!

Brianne :)




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