The Best Hockey Rivalry - Period

I have had the opportunity to be a part of the great Canadian game of hockey for a lot longer than I care to admit.  First as a young fan, then as a player, evolved into a short coaching career and now as a older fan.  I have seen all most all of the great Canadian hockey rivalries over the years.  But one of those rivalries seems to always head to the top of the list every single season, ever single winter.  I'm speaking of the Melville Millionaire/Yorkton Terrier rivalry in the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League.

These two arch rivals, who have been meeting each other in hockey games for close to a  hundred years, are about to meet again in  a playoff series which starts tomorrow, Friday March 2, 2012 in Yorkton.  It's David versus Goliath, big brother versus little brother and dog versus cat all wrapped up in one. It is simply amazing how these two communities get wrapped up in a hockey playoff series between each other but for the next ten days it will be classic example of love and hate.  With only a short twenty minute drive between these two hockey tradition rich towns it will not be unusual for some fans to attend every single game.

If you enjoy sports and you are in the Yorkton/Melville area of Saskatchewan anytime over the next week and one half do yourself a favour.  Take in a game or two of what is, in my opinion, hockey's most intense rivalry.  I know you will not be one bit disappointed.  See you there!!