Water Water Everywhere Part 2

Drove down to the QuAppelle Valley this afternoon and to Crooked Lake in particular.  I expected to see the worst.  Even though the flooding is very very bad it was not as quite as bad as I expected. That being said it does not appear that the high waters have crested just yet and won't for the next day or two.  That mean's the worst may not be over.  I have seen pictures of the record flood in 1955 and I would say, judging by those pictures, it was worse that year. However there are people that I know who are going to lose their home or summer cottage because of Mother Nature's wrath and that is tragic.  The faith of their homes, cottages and personal belongings is in God's hands right now.  Let's all hope and pray for the very best for those people who are being affected by events that have to be described as awful.