10 Useful Hacks for Vodka

It’s February, and your holiday spirits are still showing. No, not the jolly ones, but your actual cabinet. Those holiday gifts from your co-workers are giving the impression that you’ve got a serious alcohol problem.


Fear not! Here are 10 vodka hacks (some from our C21 team and a few from the internet) you can use to lessen that overstocked cabinet.


1. Disinfect your countertops


Sanitize the surfaces in your home with a little vodka. Dab it onto a cleaning cloth or paper towel and simply wipe the area. Ethanol, the alcoholic compound in vodka, is responsible for the breakdown of bacteria. It is mainly used in medical wipes and hand sanitizing gel1 to fend off viruses and other health-affecting bacteria.


2. Rub rust away


While we’re on the subject of dissolving nasty things, give your tools a nice soak in vodka to remove rust. After a three or four hour bath, rub the rust right off, rinse with water and dry.


3. Destroy foot odour


Tackle odour and win with vodka. Ethanol takes care of odours by breaking them down too. Use a spray bottle and lightly spritz vodka into shoes. For extra care of stinky feet, soak those offenders in water and add some vodka. Be careful not to add too much, as the alcohol is dehydrating to skin.


4. Eliminate tough mirror stains


If you have a teen girl in your house, mirror stains are all too familiar. Cut through any kind of makeup, hairspray and cosmetic products with a spray bottle of watered-down vodka.


5. Keep your windshield clear


This one is good to remember in winter. Mix together 3 cups of vodka, 4 cups of water and 2 teaspoons of liquid dishwashing detergent. Shake it around in a bottle or other container. Pour into your windshield wiper reservoir. Not only is the alcohol breaking down the elements on your windshield, it’s preventing any freezing from taking place. This also comes in handy if you’re just low on wiper fluid.

6. Tame your scent


Oops! You’ve sprayed on that perfume or cologne one too many times and now it smells like you’ve bathed in it instead. Dab a little vodka onto the area, and let it dry. Just as vodka breaks down bad odours, it does the same to “good” odours. So make sure you use only a couple of drops! Too much and you’ll begin to smell like you have a different kind of problem.


7. Kill those weeds


When we finally see green in the spring, it’s usually the weeds that sprout first. Luckily, you have a cabinet full of weed killer. If you’re looking to stray away from chemicals this year, try a vodka mix instead. Mix together one ounce of vodka, 2 cups of water and a few drops of dish soap2. Spray this solution onto the leaves of the weeds during the sunniest time of the day. How does this work? Well, you know by now just how effective vodka is at breaking down things, but the dish soap actually keeps the alcohol sticking to the leaves.


8. Wash your hair


Vodka on your locks? That’s the way you’ll like it after trying it once. Some brands are beginning to utilize vodka more, as opposed to harmful sulfates to clean hair. Vodka breaks down the oils on your head, allowing for a deep clean. Don’t worry about dehydrating your scalp after one application. Once the alcohol reaches your pore, your pore reacts by contracting3. When you rinse, the water washes away the remaining vodka. You can purchase shampoos with vodka in it already, or make your own.  We recommend reading this page if you’re looking to take care of some hair issues with vodka: https://www.stylecraze.com/articles/vodka-for-hair-care-5-ways-of-using-vodka-right/#gref .



9.  Bake a flakier pie crust

If you’re looking to level up in your baking skill, bust out the vodka. Whatever amount of water you use in your pie crust recipe, substitute a third of that with vodka. Water activates the gluten proteins in flour, which gives dough that rich texture4. Substituting vodka in will make sure fewer proteins are activated. This thinner dough will bake more evenly, and the dehydrating properties of the vodka make the dough flaky. You don’t have to worry about alcohol content in your pie, as the vodka evaporates out. Similar recipes use vinegar to achieve this.


10. Ease your aches

Okay, sure. You could just take a couple of shots of vodka to ease your pain, but let’s take care of it externally too. Fill up a sealable bag with vodka and water. Lay it in your freezer. The alcohol prevents the water from freezing entirely, so you end up with a slushy substance. You’ve just made your own icepack.  


Make your Mondays better. #C21lifehacks help you get through the week.






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