4 Hacks to Break Cabin Fever

We just can’t seem to catch a break. Extreme cold warnings have kept most of our winter plans inside and cuddled up to the fireplace. Even this week, we have a frigid start of minus 38°C1. Vehicles need to run longer, the kids need to be layered more, and that coffee needs to be hotter.

Need to go to work? Better make sure you plug your car in and get up at the crack of nope just in case something goes awry.


Want to spend some time outside? Better cover up every square inch of skin with at least four layers to fend off frostbite.


Planning to see friends? Hope it’s during work because you’re definitely not going to want to go out again.


By now, everyone has got cabin fever. We’re fed up with this roller coaster winter! Broadway Park Realty is feeling the fever too. That’s why we’re sharing our hacks to break that fever and help you enjoy the lasting Saskatchewan winter.


Get moving!

Designate a spot in the house for physical activity; move your furniture around if need be. Workout to your favourite DVD instructor, Dance along to favourite songs, let the kids wrestle, do some active stretching, etc. Your body was designed to move. Diminish that winter lethargy right now moving around for ten minutes. You’ll be surprised by how much it elevates your mood.


Eat for a reason

It’s so easy to snack during this period of time. When you’re bored and cooped up, eating seems like the most effective way to kill that boredom. Sure, the sugar and salt helps for a little, but you end up crashing anyway. Try eating with the season in mind. In winter, you get a decreased amount of vitamins D and B. These vitamins help to regulate emotion and bolster energy. Lean meats, omega-3 fatty acids, eggs, yogurt, berries, nuts and bananas are your best friends. Leave a bowl of nuts out so that when you do snack, it’ll be exactly what you need.


Think Local

When it’s warm outside, it’s not often you think about the buildings in Yorkton. Now is the perfect time to hit up the library, the museum, the art gallery, and other places of interest. These places have something for everyone, whether you’re a lone wolf or part of a family group. They have events happening often, why not go? Start a winter reading tradition, or inspire a love for Canadian history. Schedule days at the community centre, or go talk to an artist at their showing. Your community isn’t a part of you until you become part of the community.

Check out Yorkton events here: http://www.yorktonevents.com/ .

Check out the public library here: https://parklandlibrary.ca/ (You can borrow things besides books here too).

Check out the art gallery here: http://www.deangallery.ca/ .

Check out the museum here: https://wdm.ca/yorkton/

Check out the community centres here: https://www.yorkton.ca/dept/leisure/gloriahayden.asp , https://www.yorkton.ca/dept/leisure/kinsmenarena.asp , http://www.gallaghercentre.com/

You can check them all out on social media platforms too!


Start/Continue a Hobby

Engage your brain. Get your arts & crafts on, build an RC car, knit helpful things, make an indoor mini- golf course, build a reading fort, learn to play an instrument, bake desserts with your kids….we could go on! Just start! You don’t have to be a master; you just have to love what you’re doing.


That’s it! These are our best ways to beat cabin fever. Use one, or use all four for a happier you.




1 https://weather.gc.ca/city/pages/sk-33_metric_e.html