4 Tips to Avoid Spring Seepage

It’s not difficult to give in to the hype of spring this year. After dealing with multiple cold snaps, this warm weather we’re experiencing now is being embraced fully. Of course, warm in this case was -8°C1 on Sunday. Temperatures are expected to rise some more through this coming week, getting up to near melting point2


Before you grab your shorts to celebrate the return of the sun, take a look around your home. As seasoned as Yorkton residents are in dealing with flooding (cue flashbacks of various Canada Day floods), we sometimes overlook the water damage that comes from meltwater seeping into the house.


The best way for homeowners to deal with seepage is to prevent it. For this reason, we’ve compiled some of our best preventative tips to give you the upper hand before the snow melts.


Check your gutters and downspouts

Even if you’re living in a home with weeping tile to protect you from flooding, seepage can still happen. Ensure that your gutters are clear and your downspouts are directed away from the home. Get as much melting water away from your home as possible.


Direct water away

Just as your downspouts do with water above the home, you’ll want to direct any surface water away to avoid basement wall seepage. If your home’s landscape isn’t sloped, make sure snow is shovelled at least 5 feet away from your foundation. Later in the spring, you might want to look in to sloping your yard for future peace of mind and money saving.


Removing snow from problem areas

Window wells have many functions, including directing meltwater away from the window. However, if your well is plugged up with snow it’s going to cause an overload. Dig out as much snow from this area as you can to lessen the risk of water leaking in. Window well guards can also be purchased to keep all snow out.



Caulk cracks in your foundation and caulk the areas between driveways/house or sidewalks/house. This will help keep a small problem from becoming a huge one.


Enjoy spring this year, and safeguard your home against seepage.




1) https://weather.gc.ca/city/pages/sk-33_metric_e.html

2) https://www.theweathernetwork.com/ca/14-day-weather-trend/saskatchewan/yorkton

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