5 Easy Spring Decorating Hacks

Is your home looking naked? When holiday decorations come down, the house tends to be as barren as the landscape outside. On the prairies especially, spring can take its sweet time making everything lively again, nixing the idea to decorate with nature. Luckily for us, we have the option to purchase budding beauties from our greenhouses and flower shops in the city.


In need of decorating inspiration? Here are 5 cheap and easy ideas you can use to freshen up your indoor space.


1) Grassy Centerpieces

Celebrate the return of spring by showing off what comes back first: grass. Repurpose an old drawer, a small trough or wooden crate to place your grass in. You can grow the grass yourself, or transplant a few pieces from your own lawn. Done! Just make sure to water and trim as needed.


2) Whimsical Pussy Willow branches

Bring colour and imagination to your home’s neutral spaces. Grab some twigs from your yard and some multi coloured pom-poms from the dollar store. Hot glue the pom-poms along the twigs, with fewer at the bottom so that when placed together in a vase, the eye is drawn upwards. For the best effect, use a clear vase.


3) Colour nature yourself

 Add some food colouring to your vase to dye white flowers, or to match your existing colour of flower. The extra pop of colour does well to draw the eye. It’s also a great activity to take part in with your kids! Decorate your home and give the young ones a science lesson.


4) Coffee cup herbs

Use your extra coffee mugs or tea cups to decorate your home and grow your cooking herbs. Attach a tag or label to differentiate and place together on your table or shelving unit. Leave your cooking supplies in plain sight!


5) Lighten up your table

Place a white or lightly coloured linen table runner over your table. If you place anything as a centerpiece on top, the white helps to draw the eye to it. The cozy linen acts as a nod to the season that has passed.




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