Home Staging Hacks

Staging a home may not seem like a big deal, but there’s actually good reason to spend time on this part of selling your home. A clean, well-lit and coordinated room makes all the difference, whether it’s viewed at an open house or online. This is because the potential buyer is not spending time on what the room is now, but what the room could become.


If you’re preparing your home to be photographed, or for a live viewing, here are some of our best hacks to help you make your home more appealing!


Simplify Surfaces

While you’re cleaning, take care to remove all the clutter that takes up space on shelves, cupboards and other surfaces. Items like phones and large décor pieces can stay; they may even help potential buyers see the possibilities better. Less is more, however. Less clutter means more space to see the room. This, in turn, allows potentials to see what the room could become if they were to move in. For photographs on the web, this allows for clean sight-lines.


Let the Light Inside

Let as much natural light into your rooms as possible. A bright, airy home is appealing. Consider replacing blinds or curtains that are dark and heavy with lighter, more translucent coverings. Not only is this a modern trend, but it still lets light come through.


Add Reflection

You’d be surprised how much mirrors affect a room. Especially if the room is small, place a mirror on the wall. The reflective quality gives the illusion of more space, as well as light. The frame adds style to the space.


Deep Clean Whites

By now, you’ve got to be noticing a trend. Bright, right? Dark and gothic is so 17th century. If you have any white surfaces, appliances, items, etc., - deep clean them! White reflects a lot of light, whereas black or other dark colours absorb light. Showcasing your whites at their absolute cleanest not only allows them to sparkle, but they allow nearby pieces to appear brighter. Extra tip – vinegar is a cheap, effective way to clean out crud and stains on white. Mix it with baking soda if you’ve got a really tough stain. The reaction lifts and dissolves whatever gets swept in with it.


Smell Fresh

Delight the other senses as people walk through your home, but keep it subtle. Think fresh, not perfume. Flowers are the best option, since you can colour co-ordinate them. Carnations are favoured the most, since they are friendly on the wallet, look great on their own, have multiple blooms on one stem and last a few weeks. Tulips are a cool alternative option. They tend to be a bit more money, but they do brighten a room and a mood. If you don't want flowers, you could just put a cinnamon stick or two in a pot of boiling water and simmer for 30 minutes before your potentials arrive. Make it seem like you’ve just baked something wonderful without all the mess!



Follow these tips and keep thinking “bright” when you stage your home. You might even create your own cheap hacks!  

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