Buying an Acreage in Central Aberta

Life on an acreage can be a wonderful thing. Lots of space for the kids to play, room for dad to park his toys, and a huge garden for fresh vegetables and fruit are all enjoyable benefits of life on an acreage. Home based businesses can have an additional shop for storage or equipment repairs and parking. But acreage life is not without it's challenges.  It does require a lot of work and effort.  Some questions to ask yourself before considering an acreage are:

- Do both parents/spouses work outside of the home ?

- How much additional travel will living out of town require? ie hockey lessons, piano lessons, dance lessons, shopping etc.  And how will the additional fuel and wear on vehicles affect the budget ?

- What are the arrangements for snow removal on the driveway ?  Do you need to buy a snowblower or tractor ?

- Who cuts the lawn?  How many riding lawnmowers are required ?

- Do you have to time to look after the gardens and fences ?

- And of courses, if you have livestock, who looks after them, and will you be able to go away on vacation while you have the livestock?

Searching for the perfect acreage and actually purchasing it can also be a project. This is where your experienced realtor can be of great help to you.  In purchasing an acreage there are some major areas that need to be looked into prior to purchasing.  One such area is the water system.  Usually acreages have wells. Is it a deep well or shallow, and what is the water output and quality? Another area is the septic system. In Central Alberta, the three most common systems are - open discharge, septic tank and lagoon, and the preferred possibility is a septic tank with a septic field.  The type of system should be determined and will require some periodical maintenance. 

Power supply as well as condition of the house and outbuilding are also areas to investigate. Tradesmen and home inspectors can provide valuable insights in these areas. 

If all these questions have been taken into consideration, an acreage is a wonderful way of life with many enjoyable benefits. Do your research, find the the right place and enjoy !

Bruce Boyes

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