Happy First Day of Spring!

Happy Spring!

Soon all that snow will melt away, the temperatures will go up, the sun will continue to shine, the flowers will bloom, the birds will chirp and Spring will be in full bloom!

Along with all of that comes the Spring Market! Why not get a head start of the Spring Market before things really HEAT UP and contact one of our Century 21 Millennium Real Estate Agents today! 

Are you ready to buy? What about sell? We have agents in Brampton, Orangeville, Collingwood, Wasaga Beach and Thornbury, waiting to speak with you!

Need some ideas on how to Refresh Your Home for Spring? Here are some easy and affordable ideas you can tackle easily in less than a weekend!

1) Bring the Outdoors In
A dose of greenery and and nature in your home can evoke the season! Breathe new life into a room with bouquets of fresh flowers, placing them in glass vases for contemporary look or old milk jugs for rustic country aesthetic. 

2) Tidy Fashionably
A good cleaning should be part of any room overhaul, but often leaves you with everyday items you need but aren't sure what to do with. Sets of mason jars, eggcups, and candle or tealight holders are effective and attractive ways for sorting odds and ends.

3) Play with Paint
A fresh coat of pain is one of the easiest and most budget-friendly ways to give a space a new look. Instead of simply repainting a room, be more adventurous and use paint in more creative ways. Try an accent wall in a colour you think is too risky, use fabric pain to make a funky pattern on an inexpensive rug, or add an unexpected pop of colour by painting the inside of your cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom.

4) Inspire the Senses
Go lighter and brighter with your window treatments for pleasing visuals. Swap heavier curtains that were cozy in the winter for sheer fabrics in white or pretty, pale colours and florals.

5) Revive Your Wall Art
Give any room a swift revamp by making a few strategic changes to what's hanging on the walls. Try moving art from one room to another, or rearrange your gallery wall. Experiment with displaying your own creations for one-of-a-kind pieces that perfectly suit your taste and make great conversation starters.

Use these tips to help you refresh your home for Spring! And when your ready to make that buying or selling choice, call one our agents!


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