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Woodbine Avenue is presently six lanes from Steeles Avenue to Highway 7, and four lanes between Highway 7 and Major Mackenzie Drive, plus there is a centre turning lane. North of Major Mackenzie Drive, Woodbine narrows to a two-lane rural road, though with occasional left-turn lane. Recent housing developments since the early 2000s have necessitated the widening of Woodbine to cope with increased traffic levels. However, due to existing properties around Victoria Square, the intersection of Woodbine Avenue and Elgin Mills Road, was realigned. The Woodbine Avenue By-Pass opened on November 15, 2010.[6][7] Woodbine Avenue By-Pass cuts through the new home development area known as Cathedraltown. It is requested by the Town of Markham that the By-passed Woodbine Avenue would be renamed Old Woodbine Avenue. Hence, the Woodbine Avenue By-Pass would drop the By-Pass to become Woodbine Avenue for the continuity of the regional road Old Woodbine Avenue would then be transferred under the juridiction of the Town of Markham and will no longer serve as a regional road.[8]

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