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The RM of Ritchot is located directly south of the City of Winnipeg and encompasses 336.2 Square kilometres, being approximately bordered by Highway 75 to the West, and highway 59 to the east.  The majority of the 5000 residents live within the  4 villages of Ste. Agathe, St. Adolphe, Ile Des Chenes & Grande Pointe.


Four main rivers flow through the RM, these being the Red , Rat, LaSalle  and the Seine Rivers.  The Red River being the largest of the four, flows in from the U.S. northbound by the Villages of Ste. Agathe and St. Adolphe, through the City of Winnipeg, where it eventually drains into Lake Winnipeg.


The Seine River flows from the South-East through the RM of Tache, through the North east corner of Ritchot and dumps into the Flood way ditch.  The Seine River Diversion was built by the Province to help control water levels on the Seine, and it flows from the East directly west into the Red River just 3 miles North of St. Adolphe. 


The Rat River flow North/west from the St. Malo Dam emptying into the Red River just North of Ste. Agathe.


The LaSalle flows from the West, along the northern most tip of the RM of Ritchot and empties into the Red River inside the Floodway gates.


The other tributary within the RM being the Manning cannel. which flows from the S/E and dumps into the Seine River Diversion, just to the east of the PTH 59 highway..


Over the last 25 years the RM of Ritchot has sustained spring thaw water levels that has on occasion caused the evacuation of the villages of St. Adolphe, Ste. Agathe,  Grande Pointe, and the rurally developed communities of Howden, Glenlea, LaBarriere and South St. Germaine.  


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