What's the secret to keeping the water sparkling blue instead of nasty green? Regular maintenance.

Having a pool can be a glorious experience to watch the kids jump in for the first time. There is a lot of maintenance that has to take place to make the family pool a fun experience. Regular attendance to those maintenance tasks will make sure that the pool gives long hours of family enjoyment.


Follow these weekly guidelines to help keep your pool water crystal clear throughout the swimming season:

Once a week

  • Add pool shock, which breaks down organic matter and disinfects the water. Both chlorine-based and non- chlorinated products are available, but it's important to add the chemical in the proper ratio to your pool's total water volume. Follow the label instructions or consult with a pool maintenance provider to determine the best ratio for your pool. Additional shock may be needed following rainstorms or excessively high temperatures.
  • Add a maintenance dose of algae prevention.
  • Brush the pool walls thoroughly.
  • Use a pool vacuum to clean the floor of debris.


Twice a week

  • Use test strips to check and maintain pool chemical levels. The water's pH should measure between 7.4 and 7.6. Chlorine, if used, should measure between 1 to 3 parts per million.
  • Empty the pool filter baskets.
  • If your pool has tile work, clean the tiles at the water line with a pool surface cleaner.
  • Use a skimming tool to remove leaves, insects and any other floating debris from the water’s surface.



Follow these simple guidelines and your pool will be ready for any guest to show up!





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