Spring Clean Up Time!

It's that time of year again so I'm going to re-post a blog that I wrote a few years back!  Leaves still fall and grass still needs to be raked!  Sometimes things just don't change!!!



Spring tips for cleaning up your lot in the country.

Spring has sprung and temperatures are on the rise. The real estate market is hot in the city and has been for a few weeks now. Up here in the country things are a little behind. In fact we still have some snow kicking around up here in the Gatineau Hills and some lakes still have ice on them!

See we face a dilemma here in the hills at this time of year. People want to get their house on the market and take advantage of the spring buying frenzy but if your property looks anything like mine, it is far from its prettiest! I thought I would offer a few tips to clean up that property and make the best of it so that you can get your house on the market and make the best first impression. You only get one chance to make that first impression!


  1. Rake those leaves- Make sure all those leaves that you didn't get to in the fall are raked up. Buyers love the privacy trees offer but we don't want to remind them that they do involve a little work each year! Make it fun and involve the kids!
  2. Clean out your ditches and streams - Water runs down hill and chances are you are living at the bottom of one. Make sure you clean out your ditches and get the water flowing freely. Buyers love the sound of spring run off but don't like to see standing water as this makes them think of bugs and mosquitoes!
  3. Trim back perennials - Perennial gardens are a great low maintenance way of gardening but they do require some trimming back each year. Cutting the old off will uncover any of those bright green shoots starting to pop up and let buyers see the potential.
  4. Fill those potholes - Many of us have gravel driveways and some of them can be long. Make sure to fill any potholes the plow has left behind.
  5. Pansies are your friends! - Some potted flowers can brighten up front porches or frame walkways. Don't hesitate to place a pot or two in those bare gardens to add color to the property. Choose a flower that can handle the cold nights and maybe a late frost!

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