The Internet is Changing Real Estate - OR IS IT?

The Internet is Changing Real Estate - OR IS IT?

Going into my seventh year of a successful real estate career, I have been fortunate enough to work in an office, Century 21 Macintyre, with a whole lot of experience.  Georgie, is approaching her 25th year in the business and many of the other REALTORS in the office share the same tenure.  It has always been a small office known for it's understanding of the niche cottage and country property market!  A market that isn't always that cut and dry or black and white when it comes to pricing or need to know information!

Time and time again, I here about the "changing real estate industry" OR "the Internet is changing the business."

But has real estate really changed that much?

Sure, memories of sending telegrams back and forth during negotiations are now just that, memories.  Faxing has been replaced with e-mail and pagers with cell phones.  The use of the Internet has exploded.  Century 21 Canada has undergone a huge re-branding and are now proud to boast that we are truly "Connected to More" through the use of our web site and use of other social media web sites such as Facebook and Twitter. 

We, The Taylor Smith Team jumped on the bandwagon and have been staying at the leading edge of the technology wave in the industry.  "Getting Google On Your Side" and "Facebook Your Real Estate Agent" are just two posts which prove my allegiance to technology and it's use in our industry. We too are on Facebook and Twitter!

Buyers have more access to information and property listings than they ever have.  Sellers, with the use of the Internet are able to publicise their property listings and market their own properties more and more.  Maybe technology and the Internet are changing real estate?

Well, technology is all great but have the basics of the real estate industry really changed that much?  I'm not so sure!

At the end of the day, there are buyers wanting to buy, and sellers wanting to sell.  In the middle, REALTORS broker or help bring the two together and offer their professional knowledge to the equation.  We act as a kind of consultant to one or both parties in the transaction.  

So what is changing? 

I would suggest that it ISN'T real estate that is changing so much as the tools we use within the industry.  Buyers and sellers expect the same professional knowledge or experience, built over years and years in the business, but want it delivered to them in a perhaps more current medium.  The experience and the professional knowledge will never be replaced by the Internet or technology. 

I would even go as far to say that with inexperienced people, not in tune with the market or pricing trying to buy and sell their own properties, a REALTOR'S opinion may be even more important than ever before!

What is a REALTOR'S knowledge worth to you?

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