Your Realtor Goes On Holidays - Now What?

The job of getting your house sold or bought shouldn't suffer!

It is winter and a great time to go on vacation! Actually, as I sit here writing this I'm watching lovely snowflakes falling and can't help but think of how nice it would be to head south for some R&R! The real estate market does slow down quite a bit at this time of year, but for those of you who are looking to buy or sell a home, rest assured it doesn't stop! There are still lots of homes on the market to be bought and sold.

So what do you do when the REALTOR that you have been working with for months or perhaps even years goes on holidays and the market presents an opportunity that you can't wait on?

Well, I would suggest that you have a strategy in place before this happens! In my opinion this should be one of the criteria for choosing your REALTOR! Whether you're looking to buy or sell, make sure your REALTOR has a plan in place to look after YOU when they take their holidays!

See in Quebec, the law clearly states that a REALTOR must find a licensed replacement when they are unavailable, but I would suggest that you demand just a little bit more! I can't count the number of times that I have called to find out information about a property and had to try and work with replacement REALTORS (if there actually is one). They know very little about the properties, let alone about you and only if you are lucky, they make the time to find the answers to your questions. You hopefully did your do diligence when you chose your REALTOR and you don't want just anyone with a pulse looking after things while they are gone!

I remember before I started in real estate speaking with my uncle who transitioned from a long time farming career in southern Ontario to real estate. He was down visiting on vacation and commented on how successful his partnership/team was that he was in. It allowed them to share the work load and cover for each other during their vacations. He simply "couldn't see running his real estate business any other way!"

I think this is the way to go too!
A good realtor will have a plan and often pair up with another broker in their office to cover their business while they are gone. 

I suppose the other option would be to try and find a REALTOR who doesn't take holidays! This may sound ridiculous but trust me when I say people do it. Do you really want an overworked REALTOR who never takes a holiday burning out right when you finally find the house of your dreams or that long awaited offer comes in?

Make sure YOU are covered before your REALTOR takes their vacation!

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