Selling Smart with Cam's 11-Step Selling System

There is more to smart selling than advertising. There are 11 areas where my services will be most beneficial to you

  1. I can help you stage your house for showing which will make it more attractive to potential buyers.  This is important because buyers buy with their emotions and their eyes – and we don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.  We will go through the home like the fussiest buyer and note items that need attention.  I will give you a couple of lists that make suggestions for getting your home ready to sell.  What this means to you is that you will get more showings and the buyers that are looking will get more excited about your property.  It’s like selling a car, the first thing you would do is detail it so it looks its best.  Selling a house isn’t much different, though more important.  So can you see how I can help you make your house more attractive?
  2. I can assist you in determining the best asking price for your property.  This is important because if you price it too low you lose money, but if you price it too high you end up scaring good buyers away.  In fact too high a price actually helps sell competing properties because their price now looks more attractive.  I will research your home’s market value using a professional approach called a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA), and educate you so you know the best price to ask.  What this means to you is that you will make a well-informed decision on pricing so you don’t under or over price.  Here is an example of the CMA and the type of research work I will do for you.  Do you agree that this approach will assist you in determining the best asking price?
  3. I can give your property total market exposure.  This is important because we know that statistically only about 15% of homes are sold directly through a “for sale” sign.  We will use all of our marketing tools to get maximum visibility for your home.  What this means to you is that we will be a step ahead of our competition thus generating more buyer interest and more showings, and find the one who will pay top dollar the fastest.  Some of our strategy will include an office tour, MLS listing (both printed and Internet), you own URL with a virtual tour of your home, an ad in the center page of the shopper, an 800 number that can be called 24 hours a day, neighbourhood canvassing, lawn sign, open house, and referral to other agents.  Do you feel that by using this strategy I can give your home total market exposure?
  4. I can assist you in qualifying potential buyers.  This is important because not all buyers are buyers.  There is the motivated buyer – someone who wants to buy.  There is a qualified buyer – someone who financially can buy.  You need a buyer who is both motivated and qualified.  I will review the qualifications of the buyer when an offer is submitted.  Together we will determine if the buyer is serious.  What this means to you is that it is less likely that we will take your home off the market because the buyer was not qualified.  I will also follow up with the appropriate financial institutions on the progress of mortgage financing.  Can you see how I can assist you in qualifying your buyers?
  5. I can make your home more affordable through financing.  This is important because less than 7% of all the homes sold are sold for cash.  That means out of every 100 homes sold 93 buyers need to get some financial help.  The easiest way to do this is to have the buyer work with our in-house Century 21 financial expert.  She has worked wonders for some of my clients by helping them overcome bank rules such as length of time in the country as well as solving old credit issues.  Almost all my our buyers use this free service.  What this means to you is the more help financially we can offer, the more buyers can afford and the more a buyer can afford the more showings and offers.  Long term this means less buyer financial issues and a quicker sale.  Can you see I can make your home more affordable through financing?
  6. I can help buyers take action.  This is important because most buyers are apprehensive and have doubts.  They are just scared to make that BIG decision.  I listen closely to the buyer’s concerns and help that buyer put his concerns into perspective and, with additional information; I re-ask them to take action.  What this means to you is…the more action the higher the potential for more offers.  It’s better to have more offers to review than no offers.  I can ease the buyer concerns by explaining such things as the investment value of a home.  Do you agree I can help buyers take action?
  7. I can negotiate for you as a third party.  This is important because only one out of every 21 offers are accepted as is.  That means the other 20 have to be negotiated without losing the buyer or weakening your position.  This can take many forms depending if I work with the buyer directly or through another agent.  Basically it is to present the best case for the price asked and negating any concerns.  What this means to you is…you will have a third party negotiating, so you never alienate the buyer and we never weaken your position.  We then can obtain a quicker sale and get your best price.  Can you see how a third party is the best way to negotiate?
  8. I can help make your transaction worry free.  This is important to you for two reasons.  First, 80% of all problems are the result of agents not doing what should be done.  I eliminate these because Century 21 and I have a system to follow to make sure everything is done.  Second, 20% of problems are personality conflicts, ego and emotions getting out of hand.  Because of my experience before entering real estate as well as in real estate I will “nip these in the bud” so they do not turn into problems.  What this means to you is you will have peace of mind and get to the closing on time.  You will rest easy knowing a professional is handling everything for you.  This checklist we are following right now is evidence that we are making sure everything gets done.  Do you agree I can help make your sale more worry free?
  9. I can provide you with a FULL service real estate company.  This is important because not all companies are full service.  Century 21 is North America’s most widely recognized real estate name.  There is a reason for that, we believe we are the most professional; our “Seller Protection Program” is evidence of that GOLD STANDARD of Service.  What this means to you is that you have a full service company…including a finance expert.  Can you see that I can provide you with a full service real estate company?
  10. Most important, I can provide you with a full time professional that cares.  Me.  This is important because I am not the type of agent who just tells the seller what he wants to hear, but rather an agent who helps the seller make good decisions.  We will put together a plan and I will do what the plan says.  What this means to you is you will know you have an agent who cares about getting the results you want and has a plan to follow to get those results.  In the end you will get where you want, on time, with peace of mind and receive the best price for your home.  Hopefully by now you can feel confident that I can get the job done for you.
  11. I will provide total cooperation with all the Realtors so that we can get them working for you in selling your home. Why? Because over 80% of buyers work with real estate sales reps.  I’ll do make it easy for them to show your home and make information available.
    If there are competing offers, I won’t play favorites, regardless of whether the offers are from my office or a competing office.
    We’ll agree on compensation to cooperating sales reps needed to foster cooperation in promoting and showing your home. Here’s what this means to you: By not alienating other Realtors, you’ll have the cooperation of the real estate community to promote the sale of your home. A collaborative effort means more showings, best price and a quicker sale. A cooperative relationship with the real estate community is in your best interests. Can you see how my cooperative spirit can help sell your home for best price and a quicker sale?
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