Rural properties

One of the most common requests real estate agents get is "We'd like to get a few acres, but not too far from town". This does exist but is in the highest demand and will cost you. Typically the further you go from a major centre, the better the price. However, if an acreage is what you're looking for, here are a few things to consider.

1. Distance; Being out in the country with only your family sounds awesome but don't forget that those same kids have to get to school, hockey and dance practice, and of course the mall. Never mind that you have to remember to pick up all your groceries and gas when you're in town or you're turning around and driving ALL the way back in.

2. Water and sewer; Something that's just magically connected in the city is a question often asked too late. Is there a good well? You'll want to test the water quality. Is it connected to community water? How much will it cost if I want to water horses? Is the sewer system a tank only or with a field or ejector? Is the ejector approved?

3. Land; How many acres is it and where exactly is the property line? How much of the land can be farmed? Is there a rental agreement in place or one that can be assumed? Can the land actually be subdivided? Has the recent subdivision been totally approved and completed?

4. Buildings; Is that barn on this property or is the farmer keeping it and then coming into my yard to access it?

5. Trees; Seems insignificant but can be very important. Are the tree rows on this property or will somebody knock them down and leave my yard exposed?

Rural can be a fantastic life once all these hurdles have been checked. It's tough to beat seeing all the stars and hearing wildlife while sitting in your yard. Kids will love having room to play and ride bikes. But be honest with yourself before jumping in. Are you doing this because the Jones' had you out for bonfire or are you really ready for country living?

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