Century 21 Canada Conference

The Century 21 Canada conference has just finished in Montreal. The conference was full and I had a wonderful time re-connecting with Realtors from all across Canada. The one thing that ran through the whole conference was that Century 21 is a great company and that they are constantly updating their web presence and their marketing, which in turn is a huge benefit to us and our web presence. There is an definite feeling of family when I meet up with people from every province, some of whom have been at all the conferences I have attended in the past 10 years. There was lots of fun and laughter and perhaps a few drinks.

 It is good to find out what issues other areas are dealing with and how our real estate market here in Ottawa compares to other regions. The benefits go beyond the learning and the re-connecting. Every year there are many referrals of buyers and sellers from agent to agent all across this country and it is always comforting and reassuring to know that our company is full of successful, professional Realtors. I am always proud to tell my clients that they can expect great service from Century 21 agents anywhere in Canada.

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