Why is the 1,200-sq.-ft., sub-$300,000 cottage so stable and unshakable in value? Simply, it is the most numerically desirable cottage on the market. Its combination of price and features mean that more people are seriously interested in 
it than any other level of cottage property. In elementary economic theory, when there’s high demand for a product and limited supply, the price usually rises. But as the price rises, demand drops (and sellers wait a long time for a sale), so the price only increases by small increments. Theoretically, as well, with high demand, manufacturers generally increase supply; then, as soon as everyone interested in a product has purchased it, demand drops and so do prices. But this is lakeside real estate, which no one is manufacturing any more of. There are almost always more buyers than listings, so prices almost never drop. That price stability is precisely what’s happened in the past two years. Check out this property on the Ottawa River

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