Thanksgiving reminders

It's Thanksgiving and the leaves are turning beautiful shades of red, yellow and orange. Fall days are awesome, but they are getting shorter and I was reminded this weekend of the basic maintenance we have to do before the weather changes and it is too cold outside. Have a great Thanksgiving! Hopefully these tips will help!!

Exterior Doors and Windows

Check the weather stripping around exterior doors. Replace if it is cracked, or you can see light around the edge of the door when it is closed. Caulk exterior windows if needed. Check for any cracks around pipes or electrical outlets on exterior walls, and caulk as needed. Besides the benefit of less draft, caulking and weather stripping your home is said to pay for itself within one year in energy savings.

Heating System, Fireplace and Chimney

Arrange for a yearly servicing of your furnace. If you have a fireplace, be sure to have your chimneys cleaned as blockages, creosote buildup and debris can be a fire hazard. Have your chimney checked to insure that there is a chimney cap to keep out birds and other animals. Buy extra furnace filters. Remove any flammable materials that you have stored near the furnace – many fires are caused this way.

Roof, Gutters & Downspouts

Inspect your roof shingles and flashings, or hire a professional to do this. Clean out all debris from gutters and downspouts. If a clogged gutter freezes, it can back up and can cause basement flooding. Make sure the water from the gutters drains away from the house for at least three to four feet.


Clear away any dead shrubbery near your foundation. This will allow good air circulation and less water retention near your foundation. Check your walls for any cracks, and seal if needed.

Outdoor Faucets & Irrigation Systems

Turn off the water to the outside faucets and have irrigation lines blown out. Drain all garden hoses and store them for the winter.




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