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Today was a glorious, sunny day in the East Kootenays-just perfect for photos...I had several location shoots for new listings to finish and my 90 year young Mom was happy to join me...our first stop was 20 minutes southeast in the town of Kitchener.  I have a wonderful 2 1/2 acre building parcel listed here on Meadow Wood Road - it's only minutes from the original town and full of history.  Mom remembers coming here as a very young girl to pick huckleberries up on the mountain while her Dad and Uncle prospected for gold...all the while praying she and her sister did not run into a bear-this is how the creek looks right now:

This is where the acreage is-on a quiet little lane just east of the town:

Mom said there was a big Hotel that was once the main attraction for the whole area-we drove to where she thought it must have been-but all that remains is this little rustic fence that may have been part of it all-she was surprised how much had changed in "just" 80 years...

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