How to measure the square footage of your home

As a Realtor I meet people all the time who have don’t understand the importance of knowing the square footage of their property. The reason the square footage is so important is because it’s a key factor in determining the overall price of your home.

When you look at your house you tend to focus on the overall size of the home and not just the indoor living space. However, there are areas within your home that are not included in the measurement, such as; the garage, basement, decks and attics whichare all left out.

Here are a few basic tips about how to get your home measured accurately to give you a better understanding about what you’re working with.

What is square footage?

You can figure out the square footage of any space by multiplying the width and the length. For example, a rectangular room that is, 30 feet in length and 20 feet in width, is 600 square feet. The equation for a triangular or circular room is different and can be more complex. Factors such as ceiling height also come in to play. To get an accurate picture it is best to hire a professional as minor miscalculations can make a big impact on the overall floor plan.

How your home is measured?

Each floor of your home is measured separately. As a general rule of thumb a space that has walls, meets the minimum ceiling height, is (or can) be heated year round, has finished floors and is accessible from another finished space is included in the measurement.

I mentioned there are spaces within your home that cannot be included in the measurements. Any space that is below ground level has to be left out, so unfortunately basements finished or not, are left out. Don’t get me wrong though, finished basements definitely add value to the property and do generally help in fetching a higher price. Other exclusions are three season sun rooms, garages, attics, pool houses, sheds, porches anduncovered patios.

Who is qualified to measure the space?

An Ontario Real Estate Appraiser is the best person to hire to determine the square footage of your home. They are a neutral party with the technical savvy, a professional license and are up-to-date about industry standards and guidelines. Your real estate agent is also a great resource when it comes to measuring your home.

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