Don't miss an opportunity on Family Day

NC)—The long weekend in February tends to be so understated, most families wake up to it with no plans at all. And yet Family Day is certainly an opportunity to be together, play together, build memories and perhaps even create your own annual tradition.

“Throughout the year we often talk to people about just the right memento for celebrating unforgettable family moments together, like a graduation, a new job, a new house, the birth of a child or a sports achievement,” says Amber Bonnell, marketing manager at Pandora, the international jeweller founded in Denmark with retail locations across Canada. “A gift of personalized jewellery for big and small occasions always fits the bill, especially the one-of-a-kind hand finished pieces meant to symbolize and celebrate individuality.”

For women in the family, Bonnell especially recommends beginning a charm bracelet. “It's ideal for commemorating special events together, as well as her individuality—and with more than 800 handcrafted charms to select from ( in silver, gold, Murano glass, wood, and precious gemstones, a bracelet can be designed to be just as unique as she is with her accomplishments.”

Family Day is also a prime opportunity to:

• Trace your family tree. Do it with children of every age. The Internet is a good place to start for guidance.

• Create a family cookbook. Contact all the generations, including kids, and ask for the recipe of their favourite dish and ask for an opinion or any story about the dish too.

• Create a family storybook to highlight your family history so that future generations will have a record of your personalities, achievements, events and traditions.

• Day trip back into memories. Jump in the car together and visit places of importance to each life, like birth hospitals, first schools and churches. If you were born in another country, spend some time with an atlas, maps and photographs.

“And we also say, get active together, with an activity such as ice skating,” Bonnell continued. “On television during the past few weeks, you may have seen the 'NBC Skating Series' which is sponsored by Pandora. The production company, Disson Skating, has produced these made-for-television entertainment specials for the past 21 years on NBC and now our company is lending its enthusiastic support.”

“Furthermore, if you do go ice skating outdoors together in our Canadian winter wonderland, you can be assured there will be nothing understated about that February day.”

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