Head back to school 'charged' for success

(NC)—It's that time of year again, summer is coming to an end and students and parents are getting ready to head back to school. Whether your child is in elementary school, high school or college, preparing for academic success is the goal for most parents. Meanwhile, kids tend to be more concerned with stocking up on the coolest back-to-school electronics. The good news is nowadays technology and education go hand-in-hand.

Here are some items sure to make everyone happy:

Smart Phone

Smart phones allow your kids to stay in touch with their friends, and you to stay in touch with your kids. Another plus for parents is that most smart phones enable students to keep organized by scheduling their homework assignments, group meetings and other activities.

To help ensure your kid's phone remains charged at all times, it's a good idea to purchase a portable power reserve. For example the Duracell instant charger is a handy portable power solution that allows students to charge most USB-powered devices on the go.


Laptops have become ubiquitous with student life, but they can eat up a big chunk of the back-to-school budget. Cost and portability are key when purchasing a student laptop, making low-cost notebooks a great option.

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Let's face it, students spend hours hunched over their computers, which can be bad for their posture. An easy fix is to have them use a wireless keyboard and mouse to ensure they are seated ergonomically correctly at their desk.

Alarm Clock

There are some cool alarm clocks out there that take a more active role in getting a sleepy teenager out of bed, so you don't have to.


Cameras are often a necessity for art or photography students, but are also an invaluable tool for any student wanting to document their school experience.

Once you've purchased the electronics, don't forget the ever-important accessories to keep them going. Duracell recommends that families stock up on batteries of various sizes to avoid the temptation of removing the batteries from emergency devices, such as smoke alarms and flashlights, to use in back-to-school tech gadgets.

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