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(NC)— It's been described as refined natural marble tile. It's five times stronger than regular marble and precision engineered to create the most sought after marble tile collection in the industry. It's called Accolade Premium RF and it's the next generation of marble tile.

Using the same innovative concepts that have brought engineered hardwood floors to the forefront of the flooring industry, these tiles feature a wide range of marble meticulously selected from exotic quarries bonded to high quality porcelain for significantly superior strength and precision engineered to meet the most demanding specifications with unparalleled beauty.

“The Premium RF collection embraces the enduring beauty of classic marble while using the latest technology to create an unrivalled natural marble tile,” said Mark Hanna President of Montreal-based Leeza Distribution Inc., one of North America's leading distributors of premium surfaces including the new Accolade Premium RF Collection. “The distinct porcelain backing significantly increases performance, durability and strength, enabling these spectacular marbles to be used with confidence.”

In fact, natural marble, though timeless and beautiful as a surface option has its drawbacks:

- With many of the world's finer marbles much of the natural beauty and character is often defined in the veining, which unfortunately also makes it more weak and fragile as a decorative surface.

- Because of its weight and fragility marble is not always the best option for vertical installations which can lead to breakage and waste.

However, thanks to Accolade Premium RF's sophisticated, highly developed technology a new generation marble solution has been created to deal with the main drawbacks of decorating with marble tile.

The Premium RF collection captures the inherent colour variations, veining and subtle hues found only in natural and often fragile stone but offers the added durability and flexibility that regular marble lacks.

All tiles are painstakingly sorted to ensure consistent design integrity, assuring subtle veining characteristics, colour hues and movement flow beautifully. A complex gauging system ensures that each tile dimension is manufactured with the same thickness so intricate multi-size tile patterns can be laid with ease.

This system also enables these marbles to be bonded to honeycomb aluminum for large wall panels. This innovative concept significantly reduces weight, breakage and costs for vertical installations.

Already being recommended by many interior designers for its timeless look and unmatched durability, these marble tiles are an ideal surface for bathroom floors, fireplaces and architectural designs.

“This collection lets you embrace the beauty of the best natural marble of the world without worrying about the inherent fragility,” said Hanna. “Finally the delicate marbles can be used without worry.” More information on the latest in marble tile is available at

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