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NC)—Considering adding a spare washroom to your home, but a conventional toilet rough-in is impossible or would break your budget? A macerating toilet system may be your best bet if:

1. You need to add a bathroom in an already finished space, like a laundry room, but don't want the added cost and mess of tearing up the floor to install a rough-in. Macerating toilets systems route flush water through the back of the toilet instead of down through a floor drain allowing them to be installed over top of any finished surface.

2. You want to install a basement bathroom, but the main sewage line exiting your house is above the basement floor. Macerating systems use a fast-rotating blade to break-down waste and toilet paper in the flush water, which is then pumped through small-diameter piping up and/or across to the nearest drain line or plumbing stack.

3. Adding a bathroom exactly where you want it means the drain lines required for a conventional toilet will snake through multiple rooms or levels to connect to the existing plumbing stack. Unlike the 3 inch sewage lines required by conventional toilets, the 3/4-inch piping used by macerating systems can be easily run inside walls and between floor joists with minimal construction or mess.

Most macerating toilet systems also feature additional drainage inlets, for the connection of a sink and bath/shower in addition to the toilet, letting homeowners add a complete bathroom exactly where it's needed.

More information is available online at or toll-free at 1-800-363-5874.

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