Protecting yourself from fraudulent water heater sales tactics

Experts agree that few homeowners know their rights when it comes to door-to-door water heater sales. Many homeowners are not aware that organizations such as Enbridge, Direct Energy and government agencies, do not actually promote the exchange of water heaters door-to-door.

EnerCare Inc., a leading provider of energy efficient products and water heater rentals, answers a few commonly asked questions on ways homeowners can protect themselves from fraudulent door-to-door water heater salespeople:

What are the warning signs that I might be dealing with a fraudulent water heater salesperson?

When a salesperson says they are from your current water heater provider, utility or local municipality, ask for identification. Organizations such as Enbridge, Direct Energy and government agencies do not promote the exchange of water heaters door-to-door. If a salesperson claims they are working on behalf of one of these agencies, chances are it is false.

What steps can I take when first approached by someone trying to sell me a water heater?

Remember that you don't have to let the salesperson into your house. You have a right to ask for identification and to verify their identity by calling their employer. If the salesperson becomes rude or pushy, ask them to leave. If they refuse or become hostile, call the police.

What are some things I should consider if I am interested in buying a water heater from a door-to-door salesperson?

Never feel pressured into signing a contract right away and always ask to keep marketing material and contracts for review. Hesitation on the salesperson's part to leave behind any information is a major red flag and you should strongly consider avoiding entering any agreements provided by such a salesperson.

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