Top five things to pack for college

You can never be too prepared, whether you're starting college for the first time this fall or heading back to school for another year. When it comes to packing, it's hard to know where to begin.

• An easy to use (but not easy to snooze) alarm clock. Your parents won't be there to wake you up in the morning, or to make sure you get out of bed on time. Make a good impression on your professors by being on time for classes. Consider a Zen clock that will wake you up gradually with a progressively louder chime.

• A sturdy backpack. Make sure your backpack for college has enough room for several textbooks, notebooks, folders and a separate compartment for lunch. A weather-proof bag is great since studying for finals is even less fun if your books are wet from rain.

• A way to relieve stress. You'll need a way to blow off steam on your first day of school, and on every day thereafter. A device with multiple uses, like the PlayStation Vita, is a great option. Tune out a loud roommate by watching a movie, relieve stress by playing a game, or catch up with friends and family on Skype. More information is available online at

• Photos of friends, family and home. You probably can't wait to shoo Mom and Dad out of your dorm, but you'll be glad to have at least a few photos of familiar faces while you're adjusting to your new life. Make sure you have photos on your smartphone, computer and hard copies.

• The right bedding. Check with your school before you go out and buy new bedding, or pack extras from home. Most college residence halls have extra-long twin beds which are a different size than a standard twin bed.

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