Travel smart to manage roaming costs

A leading technology expert wants to help Canadians feel comfortable roaming on their wireless devices when travelling to the U.S. Doing their research and planning ahead helps consumers manage costs and stay connected south of the boarder.

“When you travel with your smartphone or tablet, you may be roaming on another carrier's network and this service is not included in your regular monthly fees,” says Rogers Data Girl, Stephanie Lancaster. “But instead of opting for a travel pack or roaming rate, 64% of Canadians turn off data on their smartphones when travelling, which can create even bigger problems like getting lost without access to a map, getting stuck in a tourist trap or your family being unable to reach in case of an emergency.”

To encourage Canadians to plan ahead when travelling to the U.S., Lancaster debunks some of the common myths associated with data roaming:

Myth #1: People are hesitant to turn their device on when travelling because they think roaming is expensive. Roaming doesn't have to be expensive. Most carriers offer a combination of features and services in one convenient package. Recently, Rogers launched new U.S. Travel Packs – now with more data, minutes and unlimited texts – all at a lower price. With small and large packs for Talk and Text, and others that include data, there's no reason to leave a phone behind.

Myth #2: People say they don't need a data package when they're travelling because they can just use Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi hot spots aren't always available and are often not secure. It's far easier and safer to browse on a carrier's network, especially if travellers are planning to use internet banking or sending personal information.

Myth #3: People say they go through their data packages way too fast. There is never enough included. Rogers recently doubled the data on select U.S. Travel Packs so travellers can use their smartphones just as they would at home.

For more tips on roaming with confidence, check out Rogers customers can find the best roaming offer for their next trip at

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