Water heater 101

(NC)—Many homeowners will admit they don't know a whole lot about the water heater down in their basement. Dave Walton, Direct Energy's director of home ideas, offers up some information to help homeowners become a little more familiar with their water heaters, along with a few suggestions for those thinking of switching to tankless water heaters.

Longevity – Homeowners can expect their conventional water heater to supply hot water for approximately sixteen years, depending upon a number of factors including, without limitation, the use of the water heater, the water temperature and the type of water in the premises. A tankless unit can last in the neighbourhood of twenty years, depending on water quality and usage requirements.

Capacity – For both conventional and tankless units, it is important for homeowners to correctly calculate their hot water needs. This is especially true for tankless units. The capacity of a tankless unit needs to be thoroughly researched based on the number facilities within the home requiring hot water simultaneously.

Quality – In areas where the water quality rates as hard, a tankless water heater is not recommended. Tankless units are more susceptible to water scaling than conventional water heaters. However, the harder the water quality, the more scaling occurs in both systems.

Maintenance – Unlike their basement mates, furnaces, conventional water heaters generally do not require an annual maintenance routine. Maintenance for tankless systems is specific to each model and brand. Homeowners should consult their manuals for guidance.

More information on water heaters can be found online at www.directenergy.com/waterheater or toll-free at 1-888-334-8221.



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