2011 Looks Rosy

The real estate crystal ball has been brought out and shined up once from where it was stored since the beginning of 2010 and has sent out good news to the overall real estate market that this will be a Good Year.

Low Interest Rates, stable inventory, stable employment, and stable government give confidence to sellers and buyers both. The Ottawa Sun writers quoting leaders from Royal Lepage, give predictions of 5  -  6% increases in prices which makes sellers and investors happy (there is nowhere at a bank giving those kinds of returns)

Ah but I am going to throw a monkey wrench into the works for the latter part of the year if both Mr. Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, is forced into an early election by Mr. Ignatieff, Leader of the Liberal Party, because he can not see the value of Corporate taxes in the budget. And as Ontario Premier Dalton McGintty is  at the end of his mandate will have to hit the campagne trail. Ottawa citizens stop buying at the same rate when political issues are on the line that are effecting them, so lets remind our sellers early is better for 2011 and get out there now and go. Sell Sell Sell!

Carol Jefferies

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