Our Hearts and Thoughts Go Out to Our Japanese Neighbours

As all our eyes turn to the disaster unfolding in one of our neighbours just off our western coast, Japan, a place used to earthquakes. Usually very well equipt to deal with such regular happenings. Who along with everyone thanks to CNN and U tube watching closely how aging Nuclear Electric Producing Plants react to a 9.0 earthquake and pre-shocks at 7.2 and many many aftershocks above the 6.0 mark will affect not only the people who live on this relatively tiny series of islands off the east coast of China but also their neighbours which include us in Canada. Yes we are down wind so to speak and the natural pattern of winds and weather definately could have an impact on all the outer islands of British Columbia and could once into the entire earth's atmosphere cause all of us to be effected by higher levels of radioactive material damaging the immune systems of people, plants and all living things.


I have to ask the question I asked in mid of my high school years. Is nuclear power really worth it? In an article published today in the Toronto Star the opinion is Solar Energy Outshines Nuclear without the obvious hassards.


My heart goes out to friends and colleagues in Japan but I do hope we learn from this and head in a safer direction for all Planet Earth.

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