But Does It Work?

Which brings us back to the the initial question posed in the headline: Can tidying change your life?

Obviously, Kondo says yes. “The purpose of the KonMari Method is to sharpen the sense of judgment of what items are important to you,” she says. “Through this method you will see and know clearly what sparks joy in you equals your sense of value or criteria to live happily.”

Readers like Emily Clay agree. “The book has me questioning how much I have and how much I really need. I don’t regret getting rid of the things I had; I just regret that I spent money on them in the first place. Brooming all of those things was liberating,” she says. “Instead of buying another handbag or another pair of shoes, I’m saving for a trip to Italy.”

After following these tips...did it work for you?  Leave a comment below..I know it worked for me!!!

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