Pet-Proof the Great Outdoors.....

As the weather gets warmer and your dog spends more time outside, it's important to ensure your yard is a safe place for him. Discover a few simple precautions you can take so he can safely enjoy the great outdoors.

"Owning a dog is like having a 3-year-old," says Dr. Patricia Talcott, a veterinary toxicologist. "You don't throw out medicine because of children. You store it safely. It's the same with a dog in your yard."

Potential Hidden Dangers

Be sure to watch out for the following objects in your yard that could pose a threat to your dog.

  • Chemicals. If used properly, most chemicals pose little risk. An exception is 2,4-D. The diethylamine salt in this weed killer can cause serious health problems in dogs. Rodent and insect repellents also are problematic, usually because people forget they've applied them.
  • Plants. The list of plants toxic to dogs includes yew, rhododendron, and tulip and daffodil bulbs. Check with a nursery if you're wondering about your plants. If you do have these plants, remove them or prevent access to them.
  • Equipment. Moving objects are enticing to dogs, which is why lawn mowers, weed trimmers, chain saws and similar equipment are off-limits. Keep your dog away from hot barbecue grills, too. (Dogs love those meaty smells!)
  • Fences. Although fences provide a barrier to the outside world, collars can get hooked on sharp-edged, chain-link fences, and wooden fences can give splinters. A breakaway collar is the answer. Unless fences are tall, some dogs can jump over them.

Play It Safe

Creating a safe haven isn't as difficult as you might think. Simply think about your yard through your dog's eyes. Is he a digger? Then add pavers at the base of your fence. Does he like to chew? Then a chew toy might keep him from eating plants.

Most importantly, treat your dog like a child. Do not leave him unsupervised in the yard — and continue to show him unconditional love.
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