Tidying Step by Step by Marie Kondo

Photos by Natsuno Ichigo, Richie Bracamonte and Margot Hartford

Can Tidying Up Result in Life-Changing Magic?
Tidying Step by Step

This is Marie Kondo at the start of that process in one of her clients’ closets. An old saying goes: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” In Kondo’s world, the trip toward tidy begins by picturing how you want to live. She outlines the process succinctly in our interview:

1. Think of what is your ideal life. (In other words, how do you want to live?)

2. Gather items from each category and group them together (for example, lay all of your clothes out on the floor). She suggests starting with clothes first, then books and then documents.

3. Ask yourself, do these things spark joy? (“Take and touch each item, one at a time with your hands and feel if it sparks joy in you or not,” she says.)

4. Sort all goods and put them in their proper location after determining the place where each item should be.

Seems too easy, right? According to Kondo, what makes the method more difficult is the fact that many of us imbue our things with emotions. We hang on to items we don’t like because they were gifts; we allow books and papers to pile up in anticipation of reading them later; we refuse to let go of regrettable purchases because of the money we spent on them. “The purpose of the KonMari Method is to sharpen the sense of judgment of what items are important to oneself,” she says.

This is where the difficult part comes in, and Kondo has a simple remedy. In the words of Queen Elsa in Frozen, “Let it go.”

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