What is MLS®?

What is MLS®?

The Multiple Listing Service® or MLS® is a member based service, paid for by the REALTOR® members of the local Real Estate Board. MLS® makes the real estate industry unique by encouraging a high degree of cooperation among salespeople. If you are selling a property, listing with a REALTOR® who uses MLS® means your property gets maximum marketing exposure to all other members of the local Board. You'll have REALTORS® everywhere trying to find a buyer for your property. It is the MLS® computer system that will provide other members of the Real Estate Board with detailed information about your property.

If you are buying a property, the MLS® is a valuable research tool for your REALTOR®. The MLS® supplements the REALTOR's in-depth knowledge of the neighbourhood and current market conditions to help you make a wise buying decision.

The MLS® system provides REALTORS® with access to highly detailed information, including: measurements, property condition, renovations, appliances, property zoning and rental rates. Through the system REALTORS® can also access the sales history of a home in order to see how many times it has changed hands and at what prices. Whether you're buying or selling, MLS® is your REALTOR's indispensable tool.

On the other hand, the www.realtor.ca website is open to anyone with access to a computer. It is one of Canada's most popular internet research tools for residential real estate. The listings are updated once every 24 hours with information provided by the local Boards and Associations and includes basic listing description, photographs, and contact information.

The www.realtor.ca web site is not an MLS® system, and does not display all of the listing information associated with a property in the local real estate Board's database. It is an advertising vehicle that helps REALTORS® market a property to a world-wide market.

If you're buying a property, use the www.realtor.ca website as a resource. But remember your REALTOR® can provide local market expertise or market conditions, along with the additional data available from the MLS® database of the North Bay Real Estate Board.

If you're selling, ask your REALTOR® about the marketing opportunities available by posting your property on the www.realtor.ca website.

shared from the NBREB website.

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