Tidying to Success! by Marie Kondo

How does one become an international organizing superstar? In the first part of her book, Kondo talks about her start down the tidying path. From girlhood she was obsessed with cleaning and sorting. In our interview she said, “When I was 5 years old, I read lifestyle magazines for housewives that my mother subscribed to. That was the start of my interest in tidying up.”

As a young person, she also realized where she was going wrong. Until discovering a book called The Art of Discarding, by Nagisa Tatsumi, as a junior high student, Kondo had been engaged in a seemingly endless round robin of cleaning up. She’d organize one space, move on to the next, then the next, then the next — before returning to the first space and starting all over again. “I never seemed to improve no matter how often I did it — nowhere stayed tidy for long,” she writes.

But after reading Tatsumi’s book, the young Kondo realized what she really needed to do was push the reset button swiftly and decisively. She went home and shut herself in her small room for several hours. In her book she writes, “By the time I finished I had eight bags full of stuff — clothes I never wore, textbooks from elementary school, toys I had not played with in years, my eraser and seal collection. I had forgotten that most of these things even existed. I sat motionless on the floor for about an hour afterward staring at the pile of bags and wondering, ‘Why on earth did I bother keeping all this stuff?’”

That’s the question that launched a business with a months-long client waiting list and a book that has been read around the world.

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