37 Skills You Need to Survive Homeownership

The ultimate guide for tackling most household emergencies with ease

What do newborn babies and homeownership have in common? Neither come with an owner’s manual. And that’s too bad, because as a homeowner you’ll inevitably find yourself in a dicey situation from time to time.

‘Wingin’ it’ is always an option. So is shelling out wads of money to local home contractors. But your best bet is to have at least a rudimentary knowledge of how to tackle home repairs yourself. This way you can save yourself time and money when a home repair emergency rears its ugly head.


Clean Stained Grout

A steam cleaner brings most any stain to the surface so it can simply be wiped away. Brushing on a penetrating sealer will keep the grout stain-free.



Find all the 37 skills by following the link below



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