5 Things You Can Accept when Looking for a home

We've all been there, we walk into a home and they've painted the walls neon green, or there's shag carpet on the floors!  What is ok and what is not, to accept when your ready to write that offer and own a home?

Here's 5 things that you can accept:

1. Paint color.  Paint is cheap and will make a huge difference.  It's amazing how big a transformation you can get from such a small investment.

2.  Flooring.  To replace some carpet, or to re-finish hardwoods is very cost effective and will also give you major transformation.  Replacing hardwoods however, that can be costly...

3.  Landscaping.  You can overlook overgrown flowerbeds and weeds.  Time and effort is all you need here, get your hands dirty and make it pretty.

4.  Hardware.  If the kitchen and bathrooms are looking tired, replace the handles on the cabinets and voila, a new take, for little cash!

5.  Lighting.  Easy and super cost effective to change.  And the impact to the home is huge!


Stay tuned for what you shouldn't accept...