6 DIY Crafts To Add Pizzazz to Your Place

Now that you’ve settled into your college home, it’s time to decorate.

The challenge? Making your dorm room or college apartment look cool without spending all your money.

Here are some DIY crafts and decorating tips to spruce up your college space for less.

1. Butterfly décor

If you find yourself with empty wall space and don’t know how to fill it, consider making some butterfly décor. If butterflies aren’t your thing, you could substitute another creature or flower.

With some construction paper and tape, your walls will look full and mesmerizing in no time.

2. Mason jar reuse

Mason jars are having a decorative moment. Be on trend with this clear way to spruce up a room. Save your jars and reuse them as vases, pencil holders and paint jars.

mason jar decorations

3. Tulle and tea lights

This combo creates adorable decorations on the cheap. Embrace your inner child with a look back on the fairy tale bed.


4. Chalkboard paint

If you find that your taste changes constantly and you have an artsy bent, invest in some chalkboard paint. A can of chalkboard paint is less than $10 and will allow you to create many masterpieces in your room reflecting your mood.

It’s a great artistic outlet, a creative way to decorate and liven up wall space. You could use it in your bedroom or in the living room where everyone can show off their artistic side.


5. A touch of nature

Bring nature inside and arrange branches on your wall or in a vase. Make it a project with your housemates and tie goals for the year on little pieces of paper on the brances. At the end of the year, see how many you’ve accomplished.

You could also hang little Christmas lights on the branch to add a dreamy setting to your place.

6. Hanging pictures

Who says you need picture frames to put pictures on your walls? Get some sort of paper background and use clothes pins to hang up some of your favorite moments.

If you don’t want the clothes pins, you could always stick the pictures directly on the wall/background with tape or thumb tacks. Pictures are a great way to fill up wall space, while adding tons of color and personality to your room.

This article was written by Francine Fluetsch of Uloop.