Attention all Target shoppers!!!

For months I have been watching the old Zellers store in my neighbourhood transform into what will soon be a Target store. Officials with Target Canada are pretty tight lipped about official opening date however my sources have told me the first week of May 2013 is when we can expect the Southdale location to officially open its doors.

I took this picture on my way to work this morning! From the front it is starting to look near completition although there is still alot of activity going on in and around the building itself.

I remember as a young child going to the Kmart store in this exact location. As the years past, Kmart became Zellers with not much change to the physical appearance of the building. Target has already changed the look of the building, I can hardly wait to see the changes to the inside.

I truly believe it is a good sign that major US retailers are investing in our country (and province). Bed, Bath and Beyond is nearly set to open it's first location in Winnipeg too. Personally, I welcome the US retailers, they are giving me a reason to stay home and support our local economy rather than going to the states to do some cross border shopping.

Change is good, it is a sign of growth and without growth we become stagnant.

Welcome to Southdale Target!