Book Club Update

What a wonderful group of women who meet together to discuss these books we have been reading. . . although, I hear talk of at least one man joining our club!  That will add a very different slant to the discussions I am sure.  

I am in 'just' the two book clubs still.  The 3rd has been talked about, but has not come to fruition, yet.  Both clubs are meeting on a monthly basis, in January just one week apart.   

The club that meets at the Bookstore Cafe discussed The Book of Negroes.  One of our members (well, my BEST friend actually) thinks this book should be read by everyone.  It would make a fabulous movie, but we aren't sure who would take it on as it puts all people groups in an unfavorable light.  It follows a young girl who is stolen by slave traders from her home in Africa, taken to the U.S. as a slave, traveled up to 'freedom' in Canada, then to fulfill her dream of returning to Africa.  It wasn't the freedom and homeland she remembered it to be, so she heads back on a boat going to England to help the abolitionists.  Very eye opening.  

The House of the Spirits was discussed at the other club just this week.  It is an interesting book about South America and the idiosyncrasies of one family through 3 generations and the changes that happen to the family and country during this time.  Very revealing regarding human nature and choices we make.  

Curling up with a good book (most of which I wouldn't have chosen on my own, but so glad to have read) is a great way to help the winter months pass a little easier.  That and curling . . . . perhaps more on that later!