Can We Even Start to Think About Spring?

While looking out the window today, you would never think that we are at the beginning of April, and we still have six-foot high snow banks! Like many others at this time of the year, I start to think about sprucing things up for Spring/Summer and planning my garden layout, and especially if you are planning on selling your home, preparing it for sale can be a bit daunting, but remember, you just want to make your home inviting to others as soon as they pull up to the curb.

Listed below are a few quick ideas to help get ready to Sell in the Spring:

1. Put Things Away

As we begin to see more and more ground and the snow slowly melts away, it’s time to start putting things away  where they belong. The snow shovel (although I’m not too sure about doing that just yet) goes back in the garage or garden shed, the power cords for the cars has to be put back in the garage or garden shed, remove all your Christmas decorations that may have been left behind and store them away for use next Christmas in you new home.

 2. Clean It Up

Grab the garden tools and trim those bushes and hedges, especially if they are impeding on your sidewalk or driveway. Now grab your rake and get all the dead leaves, winter mould and garbage that have been left behind from the Spring thaw.

3. Manicure

As strange as it sounds, your front lawn should be nicely manicured. A well-kept lawn, especially if mowed diagonally across your property, makes your yard look larger and shows Buyers that you take pride in your home. Having seen how you take pride in the outside of your home, potential Buyers know what to expect when they come through the front door.

 4. Garden Party

After such a long and seemingly never-ending winter, potential Buyers, along with the rest of us, want to see bright colour surrounding the home. Using decorative pots to display flowers grabs the attention of many along with well-maintained flowerbeds blooming with Spring perennials. Be sure to choose colours that are inviting and will catch the eye of the Buyers.

5. That Streak-Free Shine

Well we have addressed the outside, now for inside the house. Cleaning the windows, both inside and out is paramount to selling a home, especially in the Spring market. Sparkle and Shine don’t have a big price tag, but the payoff is endless!

 6. Fresh Air

As you are opening your windows for the first time, take note of your window coverings, do they need washing? Probably. Soak your plastic blinds in the bathtub, a little TSP works great in the tub to get them clean, wooden blinds should be wiped down with a damp cloth. Throw your window curtains in the washer (if they are washable) or send them out for dry-cleaning. Wiping down the window ledges and sills will show potential buyers how well you look after your home.

7. Outside-in

Placing outside flowers inside adds a pop of colour and of course a nice fresh scent and there is nothing nicer than a clean and fresh smelling home. Using tall, skinny vases are good as they don’t take away any floor space or overpower a table-top space.

8. It’s All About the Details

As we are in the process of selling our home, Buyers are essentially taking your home for a test drive, and are trying to envision themselves purchasing and living in your home. Now is the time to head out and rent the steam cleaner and clean the carpets , bleach and scrub grout lines around tiles, and make those hardwoods shine!

9. Home Run

It is hard to believe that the easiest and least expensive things you do to update your home, are the ones that have the most maximum return. A freshly painted interior, adding splashes of colour with throws and toss pillows. Hang bright towels in the washrooms, add fresh light-coloured bedding and accents and go for a nice cheery Spring appearance.