Coming soon to a telephone near you!!

July 29th is fast approaching! Does that day ring any bells? Have you heard about something going on that day? Let me help jog your memory.

Sunday July 29th is the day when Manitobans need to use the 10 digit dialing. This change is needed because in November 2012 we will have a new area code coming to Manitoba. The new area code (431) is needed because we are running out of numbers on the 204 area code.

As a child growing up in a small town in Manitoba, I clearly remember only having to dial 4 numbers to talk with my friends! Four digits!!! I can clearly remember them even today, mine was 2760, Cass 3404, Brig 3606, Lorne 2706, Mike 2801, Lori 2327, and the list goes on. The worse was having to call someone who lived in a neighbouring town, you had to dial ALL 7 digits  : )  although dialing 7 digits is not a big thing in today's world, back then we used rotary dial telephones!

If I had to dial the 7 digits, I much preferred the people who's phone numbers started with 231 or something in the lower numbers as opposed to the ones that were 775, 895, 945, etc. 

Dialing 10 digits is no longer a big issue thanks to modern technology. Typically, we press one button and the number is dialed for us, the task that most of us will face in the coming weeks is to update our contacts information in our mobile devices.

Some say change is good and rather then fight it we need to embrace it. Having to add another area code is kind of exciting, it means we are growing as a province! If you would like more information on 10 digit dialing check out

Over the next couple of days if you need to get in touch with me, I will be sitting with my cell phone in hand updating my contacts, please feel free to call me at 204-987-2100, I will gladly welcome the distraction!