Eric Trump's Greatest Asset

Living up to the Trump name is likely a daunting task, but Eric has done it brilliantly!  The way he puts it is, "Our Mother was strict, she raised us with an iron fist".  Talking about the work ethic his mother and father had instilled in him, it is evident there was no free ride.  When Eric was younger, he was sent away from the city to the woods to work with his uncle in the logging industry every summer. Where Eric admits he was spoiled was in the education his parents provided him; they made sure he received the best education possible. With a great education and strong work ethic, he is a huge asset to The Trump Organization; as they continue to acquire golf courses, hotels, parking lots, and advance with their condo developments.  Eric discussed the importance of the right deal structure: debt amount, partners, documentation, never underestimate a good lawyer and read the fine print, every word!  Also, be an intelligent negotiator; too little and your leaving money on the table, too much and you can be insulting and lose the deal. He also takes pride in giving back and spends a great deal of time as a philanthropist, raising money for The Eric Trump Foundation.