How Cold is it??

So it would seem that we, and by we I mean North America, are in a deep freeze! 

Here in Winnipeg MB it's been unreasonable cold, a "Polar Vortex".  We're a tough group of people here and can usually handle the cold, but with temps dipping below -30ºC and then factoring in the wind chill (-50ºC people!!!), tough has nothing to do with it anymore!

On New Year's Eve the air temp in some parts of Manitoba was -53ºC, the planet Mars was only -29ºC!!!  Should we move to Mars? 

Here's how life in Winnipeg works right now;  wake up, pray that your car will start, bundle up, leave the house with at least an extra hour of travel time, run from house to car, don't walk, and cover all parts of your body!  If you make it to where you're going without getting stuck in a snowbank, then run from your car indoors, and stay there until you have to go home! Repeat! 

The worst part, people trying to escape this cold can't!  The airport has been canceling flights left right and centre due to the cold, other airports across Canada and the US are canceling due to storms!  Crazy!

So how do we make the best of it?  Well... we get a slurpee and fill a watergun with boiling water and play!


Stay warm people!!!