Sure purchasing revenue properties can be profitable but the value of providing safe, comfortable housing for other families is priceless!

Many tenants are not in a position to purchase their own home and to be able to provide a quality product is enriching in itself. Over the years we have celebrated tenant’s milestones including job promotions, marriages, arrivals of bundles of joy, purchasing a home and so much more.

Developing healthy relationships is just as important as collecting the rent!

A good landlord tries very hard to walk in their tenant’s shoes. Treat your tenants the same way you want to be treated and always make sure you act quickly in response to complaints.

Recently, after many years of always paying on time, a tenant of ours fell on hard times and lost their job. Unable to honor the term of their tenancy, rather than evict for non-payment of rent, we worked with the tenant to find an assignment of their obligations and agreed to take small monthly payments to cover their arrears. Very grateful, the tenant has already recommended us to friends in selling their home!

Home is where the heart is whether you own the property or not!

Give us a call today to discuss investing in Winnipeg duplexes, triplexes and more! When you invest in us, We invest in YOU!